Here's an idea that is especially poignent as we fill up on all that we are thankful for (it's not just about turkey, guys). In union with a long list of partners, Mashable is using their position as a collector and displayer of digital trends to ignite a movement, #GivingTuesday:

The benevolent spirt aside, I'm drawn to this as a reflection of just how human an online campaign can be. The knock on social media is that it dilutes true interpersonal connections by filtering them through a computer screen, but, in this instance, what's more socially connective than stepping out and using your gifts to improve the lives that surround you? This is people supporting other people, face to face and hand in hand. Just because the actions are prompted and shared online doesn't make them inherently "digital".  These are real life experiences.

#GivingTuesday showcases a more refined approach to digital engagement - one that uses online mechanisms not as the expression itself, but the tool by which we can share expressions.

Here's hoping for a great response next Tuesday; one that showcases the power of not just the social media space, but the human spirit.

(How's that for a cheesy, Thanksgiving-y endnote?)

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