We're honored to make Event Marketer's 2011 It List.


We're honored to make Event Marketer's 2011 It List.

Event Marketer Magazine unveiled its 2011 Agency It list - the collection of the top 100 agencies in experiential marketing - and, low and behold, On Board sits right there with the best of the best.

So we're "It", according to our industry's leading rag. But what does it mean to be "It"? In their words:
"Welcome to Event Agency 2.0. Not since the event marketing boom of 2002 (the year we launched your favorite trade magazine) has there been as large of an agency land grab. From small shops and boutiques to the largest holding company-owned agencies, the work has never been as good, the capabilities as strategically sharp” and the competition as great. Indeed, may we live in interesting times.

That's exactly why we invented the It List...Because at the end of the day, it's difficult to know who's who, what's what and who does what. Only 100 make it, and they are literally the 100 greatest event agencies found anywhere."

Thanks Event Marketer for the recognition, and thanks to our client for allowing us to get here!

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