#JiboMeets OBE


#JiboMeets OBE

On Board Experiential Marketing (OBE) is pleased to announce its partnership with Jibo, Inc., a Boston-based, design-driven company dedicated to creating unforgettable user experiences through advanced social robotics technology. We will work together on the market introduction of Jibo, the world's first social robot for the home.

obe-jibo-1Throughout the year, we will bring Jibo to market, allowing consumers to experience this never-before-seen, but-often-imagined, technology. For the first time ever, consumers will be able to interact with a robot that has a personality, who learns and adapts over time to meet individuals and families personal needs.

Lynda Smith, head of Developer and Consumer Marketing, says, "We did a very thorough search for our experiential partner. Jibo is unique, and he deserved the best [agency to launch him]. The OBE team is nothing short of amazing. They are highly professional and their creativity is so impressive. We can't wait to see where they take us.

Additionally, CEO and Founder of OBE, Dan Hirsch feels that this is new, exciting territory for the agency. We believe that experiential is the most authentic way to connect brands and people. So with a product like Jibo that is best showcased through interaction, we are really excited to lead this launch through an experientially centered campaign".

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