Event Marketer Women in Events Q+A

Featuring OBE President, Deb Lemon.


Event Marketer Women in Events Q+A

Authors: Dylan Foster, Marketing Coordinator & Mark Monaco, Digital Marketing Content Manager 

Our president, Deb Lemon, was recognized by Event Marketer as a leading woman in the experiential marketing industry. Deb sat down with Event Marketer for a Q&A to discuss experiential and what’s next for On Board Experiential in 2020. Check it out a few highlights from the conversation below, and read the full article here.

Q: Looking back, what do you think were the biggest experiential marketing trends of the year? What do you think the biggest trends of 2020 will be? 

A: We’ll see brands embracing experiential marketing within the direct-to-consumer space - going above and beyond your traditional retail environment. I’ve seen this called “the art of the soft sell” where lifestyle-oriented experiences take place within a shop’s brick and mortar store. 

Q: How is your company tapping into these top trends?

A: Industry trends have the best impact if they align with client goals. This is why we invest time in the beginning of projects to research the brand and their consumers. We go after opportunities where we know we’ll crush it for the client.

Q: Can events be measured? What do you say to the folks who say they can't be?

A: Yes, they can. Our experiential agency works very closely with our clients to establish clear and measurable KPIs from the get-go. You can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t have a road map. 

Q: Advice for clients who want to get bold in 2020 (besides hiring you)? 

A: Invest in a killer creative strategy team. I’ve seen what our strategy team can do for our clients, and it’s amazing what they can come up with. You need a team who is willing to get out of their comfort zone to push your creative work forward.

Q: What are you excited about?

A: I’m really excited about how Los Angeles is becoming an experiential marketing hub for major sporting events, like the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl. We’re building out a Sports and Olympics Business Unit, devoted to the best experiences around sports. We’ve even got a few ex-Olympians in our corner helping out ;)

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