5 ways to reimagine company holiday parties.

Turning the annual gathering into a moment of inspiration.


5 ways to reimagine company holiday parties.

Author: Trish Rexroth, Executive Creative Director

To say 2020 was a unique and challenging year is an understatement. But as businesses navigated the bumps in the road, we all still craved moments of camaraderie, inspiration, and reflection. The “holiday party” can’t be the same in 2020—and maybe it shouldn’t be. While everyone likes a great party with music, martinis, and mini meatballs, now is the time to rethink your end-of-year celebration. Here are five ways to make holiday parties more meaningful this year.

1. Offer a time and place for reflection.

It is important to enter a new year informed, accomplished, and aligned with your commitments as a team. So even when things return to “normal,” be sure that before the drinks start flowing, you meet with your colleagues, mark the moments past, and come together with a plan for the future.

2. Be thoughtful.

A party without meaning could strike the wrong chord. You need to think about the overall business successes (or failures) during the year to plan what is the most appropriate “celebration.” For instance, if you had a massive layoff or raise freezes, it is not the time to throw budget at an extravagant virtual party or over-the-top gifts. Think of ways to reinvest in your team and your people. Because people are your greatest asset. Contrastingly, if your team went above and beyond, now might be the exact right time to give a little extra.

3. Continue the positive momentum.

For many, this year eliminated boundaries between the personal and professional self, allowing for a deeper more authentic connection with colleagues. Build upon the importance and benefits of these strong relationships. Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate team and individual successes, commitments, and contributions, both large and small.

4. Honor traditions and rituals.

So much is different this year, and the holidays are a spotlight for these changes. Stay close and true to your traditions and values. Maybe your annual volunteer day to the soup kitchen is now a virtual fundraising talent show, or your company holiday gifting takes the form of an online shopping credit to “host” the family dinner.

5. Find opportunities to support small businesses.

Invest the time and energy to find local small businesses in place of your bulk gifting orders. Support Black-owned business via Postmates gift cards. Curate a list of wine shops, florists, and restaurants in your immediate community for local deliveries. Share this list with your team, clients, and partners.

The end of every year inherently invites people to reflect and look forward. This year’s end is sure to carry emotion and expectation unlike any other. And while we may not be partying, we encourage companies everywhere to take this opportunity to celebrate.

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