OBE named one of the top agencies in the world.


OBE named one of the top agencies in the world.

Eventex Awards, the world’s most esteemed accolade in the world of events and experiential marketing, has unveiled the top 100 event organizers and agencies for 2023, and we are proud to announce that On Board Experiential (OBE) has made the list.

“Being recognized as one of the “Top 100 Event Organizers and Agencies” shows not only outstanding creativity but also unwavering consistency in delivering stellar experiences and staying at the forefront of the industry. I would therefore like to congratulate On Board Experiental on this remarkable achievement,” comments Ovanes Ovanessian, Co-founder of Eventex Awards.

The ranking represents consistent excellence in the events and experience marketing industry over the last 3 years and is determined by the number of Eventex awards won during that period. For Eventex Awards 2023, a Platinum award is equivalent to 150 points, Gold means 100 points, Silver award winners get 50 points, and Bronze awards yield 30 points. For the 2022 and 2021 editions, Platinum winners get 75 points, Gold yields 50 points, and 25 and 15 points go for Silver and Bronze winners, respectively.

The country that has emerged as this year’s undisputed champion is the US, accounting for as many as 24 agencies that made the list. The Netherlands is the runner-up, boasting 9 agencies, with Germany following close with 8. The UK and Poland round out the top 5 with 7 and 6 agencies, respectively. The total number of represented countries meanwhile stands at 34. 

The Eventex Index of the “Top 100 event organizers and agencies” for 2023 is available here.


About Eventex Awards

Founded in 2009 to celebrate creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in the industry, today Eventex Awards is the most esteemed international recognition in the world of events and experiential marketing. Every year, the awards highlight the best events, brand experiences, tech, suppliers, and venues from the world of events.

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