Born of two passions


Born of two passions, music and snowboarding, On Board created the on-mountain events that became the qualifying series to the X Games, and it continues to dream up innovative experiences—like the snowboard jump in Austin built on 150 tons of snow. New work for tech clients Google, Genentech and Sungevity, and continued work for Kashi and other Kellogg’s brands prove its expertise on the boards and off. Deal alert: Announced a minority interest sale to Azoff MSG Entertainment.

Core 1: Large-Scale Proprietary Events
Core 2: Mobile Tours
Core 3: B-to-B Meetings/Events

Focus Split: 85% B-to-C, 15% B-to-B
Clients Include: Nike, Kellogg’s, Mulesoft, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Genentech
RFP Contact: Dan Hirsch,