Well, I’ve officially joined the ranks of the Google Glass Explorers (please hold your applause).  All it took was a simple Google+ status:
#ifihadglass I would pioneer the use of hands free AR in the experiential marketing space to develop richer events with less environmental impact.

In the weeks after Google doled out invites to the Glass Explorers program to cap their genius outreach platform, there’s been a fury of speculation over when, where, and how the hardware will be handed out.  I’m waiting with bated breath just like everyone else (and have been for awhile), but once I get my hands on it, I’ll be hunkering town with the rest of the team at OBE to figure out just how we can use this new technology to enhance live brand experiences.

If you want real time updates on all things Glass, keep up with the Glass Explorers community – otherwise, check back in here down the road for a more thorough report of what this exciting new toy is and what it can mean for experiential marketers.

Until then, have fun watching how awesome your life is if you own one of these things: