Dan Hirsch appointed to WPI Board.


Dan Hirsch appointed to WPI Board.

We're really proud of our fearless leader today with the announcement of his place on the Worldwide Partners North American Board of Directors. Hopefully this means we'll get to see him in a suit from time to time.

Here's the full run down from our friends at WPI:

The shareholders of Worldwide Partners, which comprises 87 independent advertising agencies, have selected new board members including Chairman, Vice Chairman, North America and EMEA Directors from America, Brazil and England.

    • Al Moffatt remains President / CEO with the additions of:
      Chairman, Jamie Rice, Chief Strategy Officer, Carton Donofrio Partners,Baltimore, Maryland, who has been with Worldwide Partners since 1997
    • Vice-Chairman, Fernando Guntovitch, President, The Group, Sao Paulo, Brazil who has been with Worldwide Partners since 1992
    • EMEA board member, Jane Asscher, Chairman & Managing Partner, 23red, London, England, who has been with Worldwide Partners since 2004
    • North American board member, Lynn Macrone, Executive Creative Director, JUICE Pharma, New York, New York, who has been with Worldwide Partners since 2008
    • North American Board member, Dan Hirsch, Founder/CEO, On Board Experiential Marketing, Sausalito, California, who has been with Worldwide Partners since 2009

The Board of Directors comprises 11 positions with agency principals that includes two EMEA directors, three North America directors, one Asia Pacific Director, one Latin American director, a Treasurer, Vice-Chairman, Chairman and the President / CEO.

The new directors join with immediate effect and their terms end on June 30, 2014. Jane Asscher, who is completing one of the EMEA director's terms until June 2013, can be nominated again to serve a two-year term at that time.

Al Moffatt, President / CEO of Worldwide Partners Inc, said: "The new board selections reinforce the global reach and strength of Worldwide Partners. As the world's largest network of independent agencies, Worldwide Partners offers partner agencies unsurpassed global resources and talent that allows each agency to grow and build their agencies as they see fit while also working together to serve regional and global business."

Congratulations, Dan!

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