Subaru draws a crowd at the X Games.


Subaru draws a crowd at the X Games.

With legends like Travis Pastrana and Dave Mirra behind the wheel of their new WRX rally model, Subaru already knew it would own the track at X Games 16. Yet without a title sponsorship of the event itself, owning the crowd was going to be a little trickier.

That's where we came in.

Working with Start 2 Finish Marketing, we executed the Subaru Inside Experience across the street from the LA Coliseum. It started simple: renting a parking lot directly across from the main entrance to the Coliseum for Subaru enthusiasts to park their cars for free on Rally Car day at the Games.

But we kept wanting to give. SO we threw in a few (thousand) special prizes. Subaru junkies could text in, instantly receiving a response letting them know what prize they won. The catch? The message was digitally scrambled, which nabbed the admiring eye of our tech hungry fans.

To unscramble the text, fans walked into the Subaru Inside Experience where we featured four hot off the press 2011 WRX models equipped with decoders. Prizes were plentiful, from watches to flip cams to one grand prize package with a BMX bike, autographed shoes, and limited edition poster. Winners were announced in front of the crowd at the lot, where we provided free food from LA's most popular underground Koji & Patty Wagon food trucks, DJ's, and additional giveaways such as branded cowbells, foam fingers, and vuvuzelas, so that fans were armed to show their love inside the Coliseum.

When the dust settled, we saw nearly a fifth of the X Games audience stream through our experience.
Not bad for one little parking lot.

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