Nike Women's Marathon wins a Marti.


Nike Women's Marathon wins a Marti.

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The TrendSight Group, a consulting think tank that helps companies get smart about marketing-to-women, today announced winners of the Martis named in honor of company founder and marketing guru, Marti Barletta. The Martis salute eight campaigns that resonate with women. "Today we celebrate companies that understand the number one economic opportunity in America is women", said Barletta. And, just as importantly, they understand how to effectively motivate women to purchase their products and become brand advocates. Experts and Consumers Agree Dove Real Beauty Best Overall Campaign The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty received the Marti for best overall campaign. The campaign features real women, not professional models, of various ages, shapes and sizes.

It's intended to serve as a starting point for widening the definition and discussion of beauty. "We've heard a lot about this campaign and rightly so." says Barletta. Its very essence "real versus ideal" is what sets it apart. By connecting women with each other, Dove has made a powerful connection with their brand. It's not just the experts who saw Dove's Campaign as the best overall consumers did too. Seventy-two percent of those polled in a TrendSight online survey selected Dove as the best marketing-to-women campaign of 2007, followed by Home Depot True Stories and American Express Member Project. "I give Dove credit for taking a risk and going out there with a message no one in that industry has put out before," says Barletta. The campaign and the discussion it facilitated has obviously resonated with consumers. Additional 2007 Marti Winners: Best Philanthropic Campaign: American Express The Members Project This online initiative invited card members to create one project to do some good in the world. The winning idea children's safe drinking water received $2 million in funding from American Express.

Social values matter to women and influence their brand and purchase decisions. AmEx recognizes that women prefer to do business with good corporate citizens. Best Advertising Spot: Apple's "I'm a Mac" This Apple ad campaign features two men - one a young, hip Mac, the other an older, stodgier PC. The two lightheartedly discuss the many advantages of using a Mac. Apple has put a human face on technology and utilized female-friendly, empathetic humor in this engaging campaign. Best Repositioning: Home Depot True Stories This campaign relates the tales of women (and men) who tackled home improvement projects that made a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Campaigns that focus on people not products appeal to women. This campaign is a perfect example of that concept and a great way for Home Depot to differentiate themselves. Best Green: Nau Nau clothing stores have Ship-to-You stations instead of large stock rooms because smaller stores save energy. Garments are individually displayed with scan cards in lieu of paper tags then shoppers scan the cards at touch-screen computers to learn more. Five percent of your purchase is donated to the organization of your choice.

Nau provides attention to detail along with great service and a clear commitment to the community. Women love the retailer's comprehensive approach and concern for the environment. Best Event Marketing: Nike Women's Marathon From the pre-race Nike Expotique, to the on-course chocolate mile, Pedi-care station, and elegant Finisher Necklace by Tiffany & Co. The Nike Women's Marathon motivates women to run their best race by appealing to body, mind and spirit. Nike recognizes women want more than a product or brand they want fun and camaraderie. Nike has elevated this event to a true experience women can share while achieving their personal best. Best New Product Introduction: Nintendo Wii When Nintendo introduced Wii, they opted to expand beyond the typical male gamer market by appealing to the number one household purchaser moms. "Ambassador Moms" hosted home Wii parties so other "Alpha Moms" could experience Wii.

The result? 2007 net sales for Nintendo's Americas region were up 67 percent. With Wii, Nintendo recognized who really purchases their product and created a viral campaign that tapped into one of the most vital tools in the marketing-to-women arsenal word-of-mouth. Best Company: Curves Curves 30-minute fitness concept combines cardio, strength training and nutrition counseling specifically designed for women. Machines are even set up in a circle to encourage conversation. With 10,000 locations, Curves growth has been realized almost entirely through the positive word-of-mouth from Curves members.

Curves has transformed the fitness industry to make it more appealing to women, accessing their desire for community and communication. About The TrendSight Group Founded by Marti Barletta, The TrendSight Group is a consulting think tank helping companies get smart about women through marketing, sales, recruiting and retention effectiveness. Clients have included Deloitte Consulting, Volvo, Ford and Logitech. The recognized thought leader on generating business growth through insights about women, Barletta is a popular speaker and author of two books: "Marketing to Women" and "PrimeTime Women": How to Win the Hearts, Minds and Business of Boomer Big Spenders.

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