Building an experiential escape for creators at Vidcon

For video creators, VidCon is three days of 25,000 screaming fans stalking their every move and taking a no-holds-barred approach to capture their attention. (We’re exhausted just explaining it.) Creators needed a place to retreat away from the vid-sanity; OBE and AT&T offered a solution. We created The Hello Lab—a chill, exclusive, safe after-hours rooftop lounge featuring hot DJ mixes, late-night eats and an open bar for 875 content creators. There was no hashtag, no heavy-handed branding, and most importantly, no pressure to post socially. Our message was simple: in order to take creative content steps forward, these masterminds needed an opportunity to take a step back. The space created so much buzz, those not on the guest list tried sneaking up the laundry shoots to gain access. Too bad for them we’d already thought of that.

The Results: 875 attendees. 50+ top-tier digital creators. 240k+ Snapchat views.