Trish Rexroth



Chief Creative Officer Trish Rexroth has been fascinated by the power brands have to connect with people since she was 17 years old. That fascination is as prevalent today as it was back then—the difference is, now she believes that power is more important and potent than ever, and she’s harnessed her expertise to help brands connect, engage and act with both confidence and care. Her mission is to empower her team—and all of OBE—to deliver visionary work through insight, innovation and imagination.

Trish has been a driving force in OBE’s evolution from experiential agency into a multi-dimensional, experience-led creative powerhouse—capable of concepting and delivering award-winning campaigns across any channel or medium. Trish has taken OBE to new heights, infusing a strategic approach into all we do and helping to diversify our business and team. With her sharp, strategic mind, incredible energy and capacity, and a heart-centered approach to taking care of her people, Trish is a leader and a giver who infuses meaning and purpose into all her efforts. 

As Chief Creative Officer, Trish oversees a team of 40+ creatives and loves discovering new talent and investigating fresh capabilities to bring into our team. She has guided industry-defining work for brands such as JPMorgan Chase, Activision, Facebook, Lyft and Nike. In many ways, she feels it is her job to nurture, support and grow the OBE team into powerful forces of creativity and collaboration.

Outside of work, Trish lets her life-long love of dance take over; you can find her enjoying post-dinner dance parties with her husband and daughter most nights of the week. 

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