Jonathan Denison



Chief Production Officer Jonathan Denison is just one small piece of the OBE production team, who makes every OBE experience possible—and seamless. His focus: the production team and their never-ending efforts to perfect every detail, so the audience can focus on the experience. Denison’s career before OBE prepared him perfectly for, well, anything. He’s got 30 years of production experience under his belt spanning experiential, television and live events of all kinds, all over the world. (He once had attendees jump off an aircraft carrier deck. Legally!) He has also engaged audiences on every scale, from dozens of people to crowds of over 65,000.

This gives him a clear POV on how to make bold concepts possible, making him an asset from the earliest conversations through the final execution. Denison has produced experiences for all of OBE’s main clients, including Facebook, Nike, JPMC; plus, Apple, Beats by Dre, and Converse. He’s been involved in some award-winning projects, though he’s too modest to talk about it, even in this bio (true). If there’s one thing he’s loudly proud of, it’s his amazing family of five. He cherishes the time he spends with his wife and three kids.

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