Joey Forster



Chief Operating Officer, Joey Forster is OBE’s one-of-a-kind leader. He has an expansive understanding of the needs of our business. This comes from his multiple years of working across multiple aspects of the marketing and live event industry. He joined OBE in 2010 and since, his career has taken him across the board – starting as a producer, he transitioned to client management, HR, Culture and Operations. He uses each of those roles in his day-to-day dealings as a well-rounded leader of the organization.

Forster believes that cultivating culture is key. He puts focus on creating the best, most well-rounded, equitable experience for our employees. He strives to curate the best agency experience possible for the people at OBE. By manifesting a culture of belonging, it translates to the incredible work we deliver to our clients. As a driven leader, Forster shapes everything about the OBE employee experience, overseeing Diversity + Inclusion, Operations, HR and Finance, all while managing OBE’s sister agency (On Board Staffing). His passion is to ensure OBE is a safe, compelling, challenging place to work.

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