As people are further consumed by their computer/tablet/phone screens, creatives are having fun bringing what’s on those screens to life in the physical world.  We’ve seen this conceptual thread emerge in a number of ways – from Angry Birds to Fruit Ninja – but the one that stands out to me is a bit more retro.

Meet EBALL, an activation from Smart Car that is, well, pretty smart:

Why do I value the EBALL above some others with the same spirit? It was crafted around a very distinct purpose: show consumers the surprisingly fast acceleration of the Smart Car. While similar activations share (or even exceed) the sheer spectacle, the EBALL campaign embedded this key experience point to validate the product messaging right as it was being delivered. In this way, it avoids the pitfall of being “creative for creative’s sake” and, instead, wraps creative around a relevant insight that will drive sales more directly.