A concern we often hear from marketers exploring experiential tactics is the limitations in mass awareness; if you can only talk to the people on site at a live experience, then how can you have the same impact as a campaign that reaches a million people through traditional media outlets?

Yet more and more we’re finding ways to not only compete with traditional media metrics, but outdo them, generating a much more generous ROI.

How? Well, like everything seems to these days, the answer lies in social media. With the digital tools consumers possess, an on site connection means more than one person – it means that person’s entire social network. And once information begins to matriculate through this online ecosystem, the limits of a brand’s reach are extended, sometime dramatically.

Ok, ok, you know how social media works – you want examples. That’s what the info graph above is for. From our friends at Picture Marketing, who we partnered with for our Live Bear Naked campaign, we show how a simple on site photo activation drove an enormous amount of quantifiable awareness – over a million unique impressions from less than ten thousand on site engagements.