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We are an experiential marketing agency.  Though some people would say we’re an event marketing firm.  Others may even throw out creative logistics company, production house, or non-traditional communication consultants.

Whatever you choose to call us, we take pride in staying true to who we are:  a group of people who love figuring things out.  We have been since 1995.  And no matter how many years we spend helping our clients start conversations with their consumers, we stay fresh.  Because there’s always a new problem to solve.

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CEO Dan Hirsch Talks Shop in Profile Magazine

Our fearless leader shares his thoughts on OBE's roots, how the experiential industry has grown, and the evolution of our company in an increasingly digital world.

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One Busy Weekend

From coast to coast, OBE activates seven different events and programs.

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Get Ready to Run D.C.

Nike Georgetown Run Club Helps Over 120 Girls Prep and Primp  

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When Circus Meets Science

Mother’s Cookies Brings a Tasty Circus to the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering

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OBE Goes North: Opens Office in Portland

OBE is movin’ on up to Portland. Today, we opened our new office in the Rose City.

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Bear Naked and Zorbing: A Match Made in Mammoth

OBE and Bear Naked find out exactly what zorbing means.

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Nike Women Half Marathon DC

Over the weekend, something major(ly awesome) happened in our nation's capital.  The first ever Nike Women Half Marathon in DC!

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Dow Joins in at the Summer Games

In their first year as a sponsor of the Olympic Games, Dow worked with OBE to bring their brand to life (earning a few rave reviews in the process).

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Dan Hirsch Appointed to WPI Board

The bossman got quite the honor this week with the announcement of his appointment to the North American Board of Directors at Worldwide Partners, Inc.  Sounds pretty official, right?

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Our Blog is LIVE!

Check out our new blog WHYEXP? to keep up with the things we think.

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Online Amplification

More and more, we're finding ways to amplify our clients' messaging beyond our live interactions, generating previously unfathomable ROI numbers.

Wanna see how?

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Satisfy Your Soul

Check out the ultimate Marley road show we built with our friends at House of Marley.

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We're "It"!

Event Marketer Magazine unveiled this year's agency It List, where they call out the 100 best agencies in the experiential marketing game.

You'll never guess who's on it.

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Milk helps men in need

Think men protesting PMS is attention grabbing?

So did a lot of other people.

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Bear Naked Warriors

The 2011 Live Bear Naked Tour is only two weeks old and we're already playing with fire (no, that's not a figure of speech - we're literally jumping over fire for fun (yes, seriously)).

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Social Media without the Media

The New York Times profiles the latest evolution in social media: actually talking to people.  As in face to face and over dinner.  Apparently there's a lot of value for people to engage with things away from their computer (If there was a real life like button we'd press it).

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On the Road with Kashi

The Kashi R.E.A.L. Tour hit the road at the Oxnard Strawberry Festival last weekend, leaving healthy lifestyles in its wake.

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Healthy Actives Need More Than Commercials

A recent study sheds a little light on how brands can reach the Healthy Actives consumer segment.  Turns out it takes something a little more than television commercials and online banner ads to catch their attention.  Why?  Because Healthy Actives are, well, active.

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OBE acquires Fullaluv Creative Design

On Board has acquired longtime partner agency Fullaluv Design to serve as the creative and experiential design department.

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Marathons: The Newest Hot Spot for Marketers

According to this article from AdAge, marathons are becoming hot commodities for marketing gurus. A peek inside the facts and figures of the marathon industry and how savvy marketers are helping their brands by getting involved.

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Another Inspiring Nike Women's Marathon

The seventh running of the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco proved unsinkable.

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Just Another Day at the Park

A great line up and even better weather help draw 14,000 to Alice Radio's annual Now and Zen Fest in Golden Gate Park.

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